Sunday, 31 July 2011

i love you this big

i know i'still young..
but i know how i fell..
i might not have too much experience..
but i know when love is real....
by the way my heart start pounding..
went i look into your eyes..
i might look a little silly..
standing with my arms sretched open wide
i love you this big..
eye have never seen this big..
no one'll spend the rest of my life
explaining what words cannot describe but, i'll try..
i love you this big..
i love you to the moon and back..
i love you all the time..
deeper than the ocean..and higher than pines..
cause girl you do something to me..
deep down in my heart...
i know i look a little crazy...
standing with my arms sretched all apart..
so much bigger than i ever dreamed my heart ever would...
ilove you this.. and i'd write your name in stars across the sky if i could.. i would...